About Lantic

The four-piece Indie Psych-Rock group, Lantic, is currently flooding the Texas music scene and trickling its way to all of the US. With an average age of 22, this group of musicians already spans a career of ten years as well as three albums and several EPs under their belt.

Beginning in 2008, playing mainly covers at live shows with 'X's' on their hands, Lantic began quickly writing and synthesizing an impressive and unique style. By 2010, Lantic had released a twelve song album entitled 'Zuschana Revolt'. This collection of songs introduced a sound of driving ambiance with tight, progressive style rhythms serving as support for cool, collected yet melodically adventurous vocals.

Their sophomore album, 'Tigre De Blanco', was released in 2012 and explored deeper into their songwriting abilities. This album showed a mature use of dynamic syncopation and solidified a sound of hard-edged art pop through the filter of an ethereal buzz. 2012 was a successful year for Lantic being booked at Richardson Wildflower Festival, featuring names that speak for themselves such as Better than Ezra, Reo Speedwagon, the Commodores, and Joe Walsh.

Over the next few years, Lantic delved deep into musical discovery, recreating their sound and cultivating new ideas sonically. This led Lantic to write hundreds of genre-bending compositions and experimenting with new, stimulatingly raw, organic and synthetic sounds. While developing this new voice for the band, Lantic continued to play a myriad of gigs throughout Central Texas, also playing multiple benefit shows for various philanthropic causes.

Gaining even more traction to their quickly growing fan base, in 2016 Lantic finished their third album 'Days On End'. This project showed Lantic fusing with a much more atmospheric and experimental tone. After the release, Lantic delved into a multitude of shows focused in the Austin, TX music scene, all while still maintaining their hold on the San Marcos and Dallas scenes.

2017 was a massive year for Lantic. With the release of two new EPs, ‘Flavour’ and ‘A Little More Please’, Lantic further established their roots in the Austin and San Marcos music scenes. ‘Flavour’ experimented with raw, eager, yet organized psychedelic soundscapes, while ‘A Little More Please’ produced a much more centralized, deeply lyrical, constructed sound. These releases were followed with massive support from the San Marcos community and further solidified Lantic as a staple of the Austin and San Marcos music scenes.

Being an ambitiously active and gigging band, Lantic has acquired a strong following in Austin and San Marcos, gaining success over the radio waves through Austin’s KVRX and Texas State's KTSW stations. As of 2018, Lantic is back in the studio recording yet another dynamic project. Having already played hundreds of shows all over Texas, and having deep roots within Central Texas’ live music scene, Lantic plans to spread their already far-reaching sound to every star under the Texas Sky and beyond.