“Lantic has accomplished weaving some very powerful influences into their music that has produced almost a genre of itself. Rock, with a touch of soothing soulful funk, with vocals reminiscent of a young Chris Isaak. Overall, a new powerhouse sound that I will gladly be sharing with the masses. Great job gentlemen, and much success.”

--Scott Whisenant


“It's a sound you don't have to be under the influence to get or understand.”

            --The Dallas Observer, Eric Grubbs


“Please don’t stop making music.”



“One of the best songs I've heard in a while, really nice vibe and I LOVE THE VOICE OF THE VOCALIST. Keep up the good work!”



“FINALLY some contemporary music I get to enjoy like I enjoy you guys.”

            --@Mexican Piper


“Great song! Loving the vibe, cheers from Mexico”

            --@Pablo Cruz


“Cool song, groovy! Cheers from France”

            --@Marek Zerba


“such a good fucking song!”



“Beautiful voice and beautiful song! Kisses from Brasil ^ ^”

            --@Lenneth Valkyrie


“holyshit! This is amazing!!!”